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• Become a Sponsor
• Become a Business Partner
• Become a Membership Partner
• Become a Programmer
• Make a Donation
• Attend an event
• Volunteer

A person or organization that pays the cost of an activity or event in return for the right to advertise during the activity or event.

Agrees to be open all AHA events during the year and can, but is not required to, present cultural events/exhibits. Business partners will be listed on all programs/maps for AHA! nights.
Note: all partners are also listed on the website. Active partners sign an agreement and pay yearly dues. These are typically places for programming to occur

AHA! Fall River programmers work in collaboration with the AHA mission to present public programming, but do not pay dues or contribute on a monthly basis. Agree to provide free arts and culture programming/exhibits for all AHA events during the year for AHA visitors on AHA Night. Venues with programming will be listed on the front of the schedule.